Friday, July 1, 2011

Seafood Popiah at Padang Brown

The wonder in Penang is the people here are very innovative, food wise that is. It's not about giving funny names like Khor Tsu Koon to the the durians, but innovating a local delicacy into it's own signature. And today, we're food hunting for popiah (fresh spring rolls), or more specifically Seafood Popiah. Of course you may argue that seafood popiah is not something new and has existed in Penang long ago, therefore it's not to be considered as an innovation. But, despite that being said, I think innovation means changing and renovating something to become better, and in this case from the aspect of tastiness, this very stall did just that.

also known as the padang (field)

 it's all smiles on the tauke

 the magic kitchen

It didn't take me long after the first visit  for me to return to this stall, and it's like the saying goes, "never try never know, once try and always go". If you're wondering what I'm talking about, please follow me through.

The magician then started off his performance by scooping his formulated white dough into the hot wok, baking it with timed precision until the colour turns just right. Removing the crepe (baked dough) from the wok and onto the the board, it's time for the magic ingredients. Firstly a piece of lettuce leave is place on top of the popiah wrapper with the aid of seasonings such as sweet sauce followed by slices of french beans, diced bean curds, fried shallot crisps and fresh crab meat (ingredients named are only based on observation and personal understanding, some other secret ingredients which are included are not named). The popiah was completed with a final touch of filling juice (special gravy) which made the whole thing looked so tempting and irresistible.

 seafood popiah

I was already drooling just by staring at it. It was way better than my expectation of what a good tasting popiah might taste like. From the very first bite to the very last, it was a thrilling adventure, especially when each piece of the popiah explodes its juice in your mouth following by a hint of sweetness. And when you started munching it, things got better with the crispiness of the fillings and the freshness of the crab meat. And if you noticed, in just a short few minutes, the popiah actually soaked up all the gravy , making the popiah warm, aromatic and incredibly succulent.  - 9.5

To be honest with you, I'm not a very big fan of popiah probably because I've not eaten a good tasting popiah in a long time, but things had changed since my very first visit here and needless to say I'm a big fan already. I would happily quote this popiah, as tasty as "each bite leads you to the next bite". Hope you guys try it out too !

Prices .
Seafood Popiah - RM1.50 per piece

Bonus .
This stall is located at the Stall 17, Padang Brown Food Court, off Dato Keramat road.
It is open from 1pm - 5pm daily and only closes on Thursday.


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