International Brunch Buffet at Rasa Sayang Resort's Spice Market Cafe

It was a quarter of an hour driving from town, but the distance was definitely worth the go. Nestled in the midst of Batu Ferringhi was this beautiful resort - Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa.

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From Little India, many of you might be wondering, why come up with such a name? To be honest, I think indian food has an authenticity that is truly unique. I believe not many of us penangites actually know more than a handful of indian food, wait, you're thinking about - roti canai aren't you?

Hokkien Mee at Green House Kopitiam

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Laksa and Yam Rice at Seang Tek Road

People often think that in order to promote their food business well, one of the criteria is to have a good location, a hot spot, or a slot where all the commotion is in town. But in Penang, that's not always the case. Good location does not make a food good, but it is good food that makes a location good.

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Curry Mee at Air Itam Market

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we woke up early at 7am for something different, something we don't do so often - marketing. It's not business marketing, but grocery marketing to prepare a lot of stuffs for tonight's invited barbeque dinner by the beach. So we decided to go to Air Itam Market,

Wan Tan Mee at Genting

It was early Friday morning and the night before, my aunt and I planned to have our breakfast at our usual place. We have been customers - regular customers for Genting Kopitiam for a long time, dating back to the time when I was still in primary school.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

International Brunch Buffet at Rasa Sayang Resort's Spice Market Cafe

It was a quarter of an hour driving from town, but the distance was definitely worth the go. Nestled in the midst of Batu Ferringhi was this beautiful resort - Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. Undisputably  one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in Penang, this beach resort offers vacationers and visitors an escapade to the breathtaking amenities in the lush thirty acres of sanctuary by the emerald blue waters. 

Spice Market Cafe is an exquisite restaurant which offers only authentic international and local cuisines, and it was also my destination of the day.

In conjunction with celebrating Malaysia's 54th Independence Day, the cafe has proudly launched a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion package for an experience of International Brunch Buffet with an unbeatable deal of RM80 ++ for adults and RM40++ for children from 12pm to 3pm on Sundays in August. I was very fortunate as I was invited to dine with 5 other bloggers from the state by the organizers from Gourmet Garden.

 With a capacity of accommodating 250 customers and diners including the outdoors, this cafe can definitely boast a diversity in food of over a hundred palatable choices which is equivalent to the grandeur of its dining atmosphere and experience. With a total of 7 different food kiosks of Appetizer, Japanese, Western, Indian, Asian, Malay and Dessert, it was truly an international brunch buffet.

While appetizers always seemed to be lackadaisical in our daily lives, it is actually one brilliant way to kick start the day. From a wide spectrum of fresh greens to perfectly roasted vegetables to slices of meat poultry, you can easily design your own salad with abundance of dressings and sauces as compliments. One thing you ought to know is that appetizers are have their name and reputation because they help in stimulating and opening our appetites.

fresh salads

roasted pumpkin

roasted onion

roasted eggplant (brinjal)

chicken terrine (cold meat)

roasted beef

roasted lamb leg

If you're wondering whether why poultry is considered appetizers, it is simply because in some regions in the world, it is as most people like to eat them with fresh salads and dressings along with olive oil, altogether making it a very flavorful and palatable.
Moving on to the Japanese station, there wasn't too many eccentric choices but it was enough to bring out the best of what Japanese cuisine actually tastes like.

 shiba chike (cold purple vegetable)

 kimchee (fermented Korean dish)

 shrimp, tuna and salmon sushi

 maki sushi

 Of all the Japanese and Korean dishes above, I found Shiba Chike the most outstanding yet peculiar. It was slightly sweet, fairly crunchy and juicy, yet it was still hard to tell the exact taste as that was the first time I tried that dish. On the other hand, the delicate Sushis were the fast seller, finishing almost immediately they were replenished.

 The one thing I've always like about international buffet is that there is free flow of everything, or more specifically seafood. Now let me ask you, do you know what's chill, juicy and succulent? Oysters, mussels, scallops, don't get me going., we know we like them.

In Spice Market Cafe, there is never a time you have to worry about which dressing, sauce or condiment to use. It is simply because no matter which dressing you use, it has its own uniqueness and satisfaction is always almost guaranteed. The chili spiced aioli which is a combination mayonnaise, lemon juice and wire whisk was a great way to add more flavour to the seafood. There are other dressings that weren't too bad like horseradaishi cream, spicy cocktail sauce, olive oil dressing and thousand island sauce. However the only downside of the whole seafood frenzy was the mussels, as it wasn't fresh and tender enough, thus it was very hard to chew.

 chicken and lamb tandoori

Indian Cuisine, my all time favourite. The one dish that really caught my attention was the Lamb Tandoori. Roasted and seasoned with masala and kashmiri chili powder, this poultry was simply stunning as its meat was even more tender than that of a chicken.
Continuing my food hunt, it was now time for Western Cuisine. According to the banquet sous chef, Chef Anthony, he explained that the theme as well as the menu for every Sunday's international brunch buffet is different, and for that week it was fish. I was lucky to experience the chef himself at work, displaying culinary skills with the whole baked fish.

 The fish was incredible on the outside and not too bad on the inside with different flavours altogether making it a little spicy and sweet.

 spicy baked patatos

 breakfast frittata


Quesadillas or also known as queso in Spanish, is a Mexican dish made from corn tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients.

 beef stew

Moving on to Chinese and Malay cuisine, which was side by side, the local dishes somehow seemed so familiar and home cooked.
 mixed vegetables

vegetable parcelsin spring roll skin

 dim sum and noodle station

Credits to the wonderful malay cuisine, as I thought everything was simple and nice. Who could have thought that potatoes can be made so delicious? It was a little juicy, tender, sweet and spicy, definitely a great combination of spices.

The last section was what I like to call paradise, well, or maybe sinful paradise. Every bite is filled with satisfaction and contentment. And yes, I'm talking about Desserts. And like many other human beings, the best time you could experience in a buffet is always the desserts, we're talking about stress reliever over here as the desserts here are truly overwhelming.

 black forest cake
 chocolate brownie pudding with vanilla sauce

 local hot dessert pengat pisang

  array of toppings


 chocolate fondue

fresh juices

Now, I'll try to go slow here so you'll be able to follow me through. The showcase of desserts which includes fruits, fruit juices, cakes, pancakes and puddings made me drool. The thick and luscious black forest cake was different than the ones we find in most cake shops. This chocolate cakes had layers of potential flavours and sweetness, and to get to the point, it was just amazing. Then you have the chocolate brownie pudding, which was to be eaten warm. I usually don't exaggerate but this brownie is remarkable. The texture, the density and the flavour of it was all in line, and with a touch of vanilla sauce, it synergistically creates a dessert of a different level.

After the spectacular meal, we (the bloggers) were fortunate to have an interview session with three of Spice Market Cafe's executive chefs. According to them, a total of 23 chefs from respective stations work around the clock ensuring the best for its customers. What makes this restaurant even more impressive is that hygiene is not just a measure, but a practice where Spice Market Cafe is the only place to be certified with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in Penang. 

Once again, they say opportunities are every anywhere, as long as you see and grab them. And in this case, before August ends, be sure to grab yourself a seat with a top notch dining experience in Spice Market Cafe.

Prices .
Adults - RM80++
Children - RM40++

Bonus .
Address : Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang.
Operation Hours : 7am to 11pm 
Contacts : 04-888 8888

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